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VVDN Technologies Europe works in partnership with VVDN Technologies, an Indian based ODM company which has global presence. With the partnership we are able to offer 2.000 experts, who are able to provide you true end to end solution – from scratch to shop shelve. Or if your need is in some specific area; software-, hardware-, mechanical design, testing, prototyping or manufacturing. If required by the customer, we will use local project management to ensure smooth cooperation.


Lovecorp is now VVDN Technologies Europe (23.04.2019)
As of today Love Corporation will be using new brand name: VVDN Technologies Europe. We want to highlight the tight cooperation with our strategic partner, Indian..

05.04.2019  Meeting with ambassador of India
12.03.2019  Looking for Sales Manager
25.02.2019  Lovecorp @ EWS 2019